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I am a former science journalist. After completing my studies in political science and journalism in Vienna, I specialized in the areas of astronomy and space travel. Since 1991 I wrote articles for various print media.

In 2002 I received the award for scientifically based journalism from the Kardinal Innitzer Study Fund. The Wiener Zeitung nominated several of my articles for the State Prize for Science Journalism. Ultimately, more than 360 full-page articles appeared in this paper.

In 2009, the publishing house Kremayr & Scheriau published my astronomy history reading book Helden des Himmels.
As a result, I gave about 130 readings and lectures on topics related to astronomy and cultural history - to over 3,000 listeners.

My goals as a science journalist were to present astronomy in a cultural-historical context, to explain current research results in an understandable way and to encourage readers to make their own observations of the sky.
My websites offer tips for observing and photographing the starry sky. You will also find a photo gallery there.
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